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Chico Recovery Center
Phone: (530) 343-6566 Address: 2057 Forest Ave. Suite 5, Chico, CA 95928 Contact: Ron Smith
Description: This is a structured 12 week certified drug and alcohol program that provides day
services and referrals to other agencies. The in-home detox program provides supervision by a
visiting home health nurse.

In-Home Withdrawl From Alcohol (in-home Detox)
Phone: (530) 891-2870 Description: A referral program where clients with medi-cal or no insurance
call and answer a few simple questions, then the forms are faxed to a licensed home health agency
who makes the arrangements for the in-home detox program.

Laura Collier's Clean and Sober Living
Phone: (530) 354-1345 Address: P.O. Box 4507, Chico CA 95927 Contact: Laura Collier Description:
Laura Collier’s offers safe, affordable, drug and alcohol free living to men and women who desire a
drug and alcohol free living environment. Each home has a live in house manager to ensure
comfortable, supportive, safe place.

Sarah Home
Phone: (530) 342-0835 Description: 12 month commitment, Christ centered 12 step book study, 15
bible studies weekly, encouragement, help with illiteracy, support to families of the disciples,
transitional housing plan, after care and case management services.

Web site:

Skyway House
Phone: (530) 898-8326 Address: 564 Rio Lindo Suite 103 Chico, CA 95926
Contact: Jennifer Carvalho Description: A residential treatment center for women suffering from
alcoholism and drug addiction that is based on the 12-step model. They offer individualized
treatment plans, family recovery, and includes counseling for victims of domestic violence and
sexual abuse. Additionally, they teach parenting skills to mothers and help them with reunification

Web site:

The Salvation Army
Phone: (530) 342-2199 Address: 567 E. 16th St. Chico, CA 95928
Description: The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers provide spiritual, social and
emotional assistance for men and women who have lost the ability to cope with their problems and
provide for themselves.
Each center offers residential housing, work, and group and individual therapy, all in a clean,
wholesome environment. The physical and spiritual care that program participants receive prepares
them to re-enter society and return to gainful employment. Many of those who have been
rehabilitated are reunited with their families and resume a normal life. Every potential participant
undergoes a comprehensive intake interview to ensure the ARC program is the best possible match
for them. If the interview process determines it’s not, we’ll make every effort to refer them to a
program that will be.
A long-term commitment of at least six months is required so patterns of poor decisionmaking
can be broken and replaced with positive life choices – changes that will help them become
productive citizens of their community. Applicants with a desire to get help may be referred by
families, friends, courts, clergy and community leaders or may simply call the Intake Office at 1-800-
SA-TRUCK (728-7825) to make an appointment.

Web site:


Life Recovery Ministries
Phone: (530) 534-4704 Address: The Father's House Church 2661 Elgin St., Oroville
Contact: Danny Harp Description: This is a 12-month Christian Discipleship home where men and
women who suffer from the disease of addiction can recover in a safe environment.

Web site:

Oroville Rescue Ministries
Phone: (530) 534-9541 Address: 4250 Lincoln Blvd. Oroville CA 95966
Contact: Annie Terrie Description: The New Life Recovery Program combines the Christian based 12
steps (the systematic practical application of Gods word) and vocational training. The entire process
is designed to restore chemically dependent persons back into life on life’s terms. Educational,
vocational and relationship issues are all assessed for and individually treated. Offered free of
charge as a 13 month residential program. In addition, they offer a structured outpatient program at
a minimal fee for those who are employed. Transitional housing is available for graduates and
outpatient clients.

Web site:

Tri County Residential Treatment Facility
Phone: (530) 533-5272 Address: 2740 Oro Dam Blvd, Oroville, CA 95966
Contact: Jody Alsdurf Description: This is certified drug and alcohol program that serves both men
and women. Treatment programs are offered on a residential and outpatient basis and last from 30
days to 6 months.

The 2nd Step -Christian Transitional Living
Phone: (530) 321-9319 Address: 555 Pomona Ave., Oroville, CA 95965
Contact: Carla May Description: The goal is to provide housing and services to women with children
in a safe and structured environment for those who are serious about learning and how to live
without drugs and alcohol. Each woman is held to a high level of accountability and is provided
security of a loving and disciplined home. Women are supervised and guided through the process
of becoming responsible, reliable, honest, independent, law abiding citizens of the community. Call
for prescreening or write for application.


Shasta Recovery Center
Phone: (530) 365-1160 Address: 2115 Howard St. Suite C, Anderson, CA 96007
Contact: Ron Smith Description: This is a structured 12 week certified drug and alcohol program
that provides day services and referrals to other agencies.

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